We are Pavana

Husum-based Pavana GmbH is the expert for highly specialized services in the planning of your wind energy project. We offer the following services:

  • Planning and execution of wind measurements
  • Evaluation of recorded data
  • Expert opinions
  • Supporting and evaluating services
  • Verification LiDAR

Our services are simply indispensable for the planning and implementation of a wind energy project: they provide the basis for approval, are a condition for grid connection and ensure the financial viability and thus the marketability of your wind farm project with all its specific challenges and potentials.

These tasks require proven expertise, constantly updated technical equipment, and a broadly based wealth of experience and consideration. Find out more about us!

Business Areas

Quality Management

Pavana GmbH works according to national and international guidelines on a very high quality level. Our high quality standards were confirmed in the course of an accreditation by the DAkkS.

In the following areas our working method is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018:

  • Determination of the wind potential and energy yields of wind turbines incl. Determination of the site quality*
  • Execution and evaluation of wind measurements by means of anemometer and LiDAR, including LiDAR - verification, plausibility check of RSD*
  • Implementation of the shadow flicker calculation of wind turbines
  • Implementation of the sound immission calculation of wind turbines**
  • Extreme wind assessment
  • Determination of the site quality after commissioning***

Here you can find the accreditation certificate.

We are successfully accredited for the following standardized or equivalent test methods and work on the basis of the editions listed here:
* IEC 61400-12-1 Ed. 2.0, 2017 - Wind energy generation systems - Part 12-1: Power performance measurement of elecrticity producing wind turbines (here only Annex G and L) and FGW TR6, Rev. 11, 2020-09 - Determination of wind potential and energy yields
**DIN ISO 9613-2, 1990-10 - Acoustics - Attenuation of sound propagation outdoors - Part 2: General calculation method
*** FGW TR 10, Rev. 2, 2021-03 - Determination of site quality after commissioning


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