Noise and shadowing assessments

Protect local residents, protect the project

Protecting the residents of wind farms is of high importance. Wind farm planners are well advised to pay particular attention to the issue of acceptance. Immission control authorities check compliance with limit values for turbine-related noise immissions and impact shadow pollution as part of the approval process.

  • In order to determine the noise immission caused by the wind farm, specific immission values are determined for the immission locations based on the specifics of the wind turbines, the concrete planning and a dispersion model. These immission locations are evaluated by the expert and coordinated with the authority. After the calculation, their uncertainty is determined and, taking this into account, it is determined whether the wind turbine can be operated in a power-optimized manner or must run in a noise-reduced manner.
  • Wind turbines cause cast shadows under certain conditions. These cast shadows must be excluded in the interest of all parties involved. For this purpose, the frequency with which these events could occur must be determined on the basis of the position of the sun, the wind direction, the wind speed and the cloud cover. As soon as the limit values are exceeded, subsequent installations must be shut down or fitted with special controls to ensure that residents are not harmed.