Noise and shadowing assessments

Protect local residents, protect the project

Ensuring the protection of local residents living near wind farms is becoming increasingly important. Wind farm planners are well advised to pay particular attention to the issue of acceptance. As part of the approval process, pollution control authorities check compliance with limits for plant-related noise emissions and cast shadows.

The details:

  • In order to determine the noise emissions produced by the wind farm, specific emission values for the relevant sites are calculated based on the specific characteristics of the wind turbines, the specific plan and a dispersion model. These emission sites need to be assessed by experts and coordinated with the authority. Following the calculation, their uncertainty is assessed and taken into account in order to justify whether the wind turbine can operate optimised for performance or whether noise levels need to be reduced.
  • Wind turbines cast shadows in certain circumstances. These shadows must be eliminated in the interests of all parties concerned. Based on the position of the sun, wind direction, wind speed and cloud cover, calculations need to be undertaken to determine how often these circumstances might occur. As soon as the limit values are exceeded, the proposed turbines must be turned off or operated with a special control system that ensures local residents are not affected.

This ensures you and local residents living close to your planned wind farm that all threshold are respected.