Rental of measurement technology (wind measurement masts and LiDAR)

Measuring the wind

Specialised, costly measurement technology is needed in order to carry out highly complex wind measurements. You can rent the very latest equipment from us.

Remote sensing devices (RSD) are measuring devices that measure the wind vector at various heights above the ground. Both the horizontal and the vertical components of the wind are recorded. The devices measure from 10 to 40 metres above ground up to approx. 200 metres above the device. The recording is carried out by the intensity of a laser beam (LiDAR) or a sound wave (SODAR) that is backscattered by particles in the air. By determining the Doppler shift, the wind speed vector can be calculated from its components.

Informative and standard-compliant documentation with all the required details ensures the quality of the data, its reliable usability and thus its value as a basis for project financing. We provide this for both conventional mast measurements and also with RSD (LiDAR/SoDAR).

A real-world example: for a standard 100-metre measurement with an independent power supply, the following sensors are required:

  • 8 anemometers
  • 2 wind vanes
  • 2 temperature/humidity sensors
  • 1 air pressure sensor
  • 1 data logger
  • 1 modem
  • 1 power supply (solar panel, charge controller, batteries)

LiDAR devices are usually installed in trailers and operated with an independent power supply based on solar-powered battery buffer storage. In the winter months, this power supply is backed up by a methanol-based fuel cell system.